FMGE Exam December 2023: FMGE Exam Preparation Tips

Fri 10, 2023
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FMGE Exam December 2023: FMGE Exam Preparation Tips

The FMGE has become more and more complex over the years. Students can’t simply afford any mistakes at this point. Moreover, they need to prepare intensely to pass this exam. A lot of hard work also needs to be put in to achieve the desired results. A good study plan will work wonders for those who are planning to attempt the FMGE Exam December 2023. Read on to discover some helpful FMGE preparation tips and an effective study plan.

Come Up with A Timetable

A timetable is mandatory if you want to ace your FMGE. Without it you will be lost. Try to divide the FMGE Syllabus and prepare a timetable depending on it. Once the timetable is done, try to follow it diligently. In case some topics are left out, you can always allocate the final phase for those topics. Make sure that you allot time for revisions, weekly and daily.

Learn The Syllabus in Depth

A comprehensive FMGE preparation plan is necessary to master the whole syllabus. It is better to dedicate equal time and importance to all subjects. Try to avoid preparing for a particular subject. You have only a limited number of attempts. Avoid risks by refraining from focusing on certain topics or subjects.

Jot Down Notes

An effective study plan is incomplete without notes. Develop a routine of making notes. This will help your exam preparation better. It will come in handy for reference during your revision. Students are less likely to get enough time to cover the entire syllabus during the final stage of intense preparation.

Improve Your Shortcomings

Avoid the mistake of concentrating on your strong areas. You will end up leaving the tough and lackluster topics for the last moment. This will hamper your performance and score. For an effective FMGE Exam preparation, figure out your weak areas. Once you have done that, allocate enough time to concentrate on them.

Revise Regularly

Include revision in your FMGE Exam preparation. Revising the chapters and topics regularly is highly beneficial. Information will be retained longer as a result of this. Try to revise the important topics once or twice daily. Your study plan should have enough time for completing at least one round of revision.

Attempt MCQs

Accuracy and speed play a critical role in your FMGE Exam. You can easily figure out the areas of improvement by attempting tests at a fixed time.

Make Use of Visual Learning

Our brain tends to retain nearly 75% of what is visualized. Figures like images, flowcharts and videos are helpful while learning subjects like anatomy and physiology. These images will flash in your mind whenever you encounter related questions. Try to include visual learning in your exam preparation routine.

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